Belovy - Community Guidelines

At Belovy, we want to design a space where you can find a meaningful relationship in a pleasant way with people where everyone treats each other with kindness and respect.


Here are the principles tropics behind our values:

Impact relationship:

Most of Belovy Clients are looking for a impactful relationship, so be cognizant of what and how you choose to both share information about yourself, and how you ask for information you’re hoping to learn about them. We have created a space for people to find impactful relationships. A impactful relationship is built on a foundation of authenticity, transparency, and respect. We ask that Belovy Clients represent themselves authentically, represent their intentions transparently, and treat all respectfully. We believe that people can grow and learn. 

We values and honor the many forms a impactful relationship can take. We know there are many different relationship styles, preferences, kinks, and personal needs in a partner.

We respect you and welcome you, provided you’re honest and empathetic about what you’re looking for, and not soliciting or behaving in criminal acts.

Understand Consent is Critical

Consent must be clearly and freely communicated. Consent can be both expressly granted and revoked. Consent can also be implied. There is an implied expectation in Discover that Belovy members will not promote physical, emotional, and psychological abuse, harm, harassment, hate, or discrimination. This includes sexual advances, comments, and imagery.

Posting content to your profile or initiating a conversation that is crude, lewd, or offensive is not acceptable behavior.

Respect Boundaries

Belovy Clients should not reach out to users outside of Belovy unless they have communicated that it is appropriate to do so. Seeing someone on Belovy is not an invitation to interact with them through social media. If someone unmatched you on Belovy, the next step is to respect their choice, not find them on social media.

Play fair

Belovy Clients don’t need to add a surname, but you should not provide a false name or date of birth, maintain duplicate accounts, or create an account if you’re under 18. Deceiving others about your age or posting misleading or outdated photos is misaligned with our values of honesty and authenticity and unfair to the Belovy community. Belovy profiles are curated to showcase your personality, interests, and criteria about yourself. This should be a holistic view into who you are, so folks can get a good snapshot into what you’re like. We respect boundaries-- Belovy Clients can showcase their passion, and humor in ways that are authentic, courageous, and kind to other members in Discover.

Be Open to Others

We are building a diverse and welcoming community. This may mean you see opinions that differ from your own. We encourage Belovy Clients to respect the opinions of others, even when they don't agree with them, and simply skip or remove users they aren't interested in. Commenting or matching with someone with the sole intention of antagonizing them for their beliefs is misaligned with our values of empathy and kindness.

Put in Effort

Belovy Clients don’t mind putting a little effort into their dating life because they’re invested in finding someone great. They are not afraid to put themselves out there by authentically representing who they are - quirks and all. The more intention you put into your Belovy profile, the better your experience will be. We understand not everyone loves every photo of themselves, however it’s difficult for others to get to know you if your profile is mostly composed of memes or gibberish prompts. Your matches want to know the real you.

Belovy is committed to:

Prioritize Safety

Belovy Clients should feel safe to be who they are; safe to match with whoever interests them; safe to plan whatever type of date they’re comfortable with. We’ll take a proactive stance to build tools, features, and incorporate resources to help our Clients stay informed and feeling safe. Resources should be intuitive, clear, and easy to navigate. We always want our community to feel secure and that we’re protecting them against known threats while empowering them to alert us to any and all unknown community threats we’re not yet aware of.

Err on the Side of Caution

In order to foster a safe place to date, we must act on reports swiftly. When alerted, we will take action to help ensure Belovy Clients are protected. We’ll welcome and consider relevant information and facts when making a decision. When necessary, we’ll reach out for more information-- this isn't meant to be invalidating, but to help us resolve, understand, and troubleshoot. The more information we have the better we are able to check our bias and enforce our safety values. We keep your report private and will never share that information with the people you’ve reported.

Check our Biases

The social environment is dynamic, and our policy, tools, and rules should reflect as such. Our initiatives, protocols, and policy will be reviewed routinely and regularly.

What will never change, however, is our commitment to building a community of authentic, courageous, empathetic daters. We believe in love for all. Our focus is on creating a climate on Belovy of inclusivity and inclusion. This means supporting and rewarding an empathetic community where everyone feels safe to be their authentic selves. Our attention will be on matters pertaining to the safety, security, and integrity of the Belovy Community.

We are not arbiters of truth

We want Belovy Clients to have information about potential matches so they can reach out to others with mutual beliefs and opinions. We aren’t here to make decisions on what is fact and fiction, but we are responsible to work to ensure our users are not putting others in jeopardy or inflicting harm.


Should a Belovy Clients reach out to us for support, they should expect to hear back from our team. If Belovy Client shave a feature request or an idea to improve the app experience, we want to know. If Belovy Clients need resources and support, we are here to help in every capacity we can, including connecting you to resources and services that can provide help from trained specialists. If you were banned and worry it may be a result of retaliatory behavior or false reporting, we encourage you to appeal.

Foster A Community Built on Trust & Respect

We have a responsibility to the community to provide a safe place for people to find impactful relationships. Users trust us with their personal information, and we will respect that in how we build our tools and services. We do not discuss the existence or the status or details of an account with anyone but the account owner.

Step in When Necessary

We're here to step in when something or someone poses a threat of physical, emotional, or psychological harm to another. Our team is committed to working with law enforcement as appropriate and responding to valid law enforcement requests. We take mental illness, suicide and self-injury extremely seriously and will work to help members of this community in crisis.

Belovy - Community Guidelines were last updated on: October 19th, 2022